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Tread Lightly!
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This video shows a number of stewardship projects as well as recreation scenes. A rifle hunter crosses a field at sunrise. Scenes jump from crews constructing a new trail kiosk, removing fallen trees from trails with hand saws, clearing OHV trails of impassable obstacles such as boulders by using jeeps and a winch and tow rope, cleaning up popular shooting areas of debris and litter, constructing an archery range and constructing and painting a new shade structure at a shooting range. A UTV climbs a hill on a mountainous, desert trail. Two ATV riders slow to a stop at the crest of a hill to view a sunset. Audio: "Tread Lightly! does a lot of trail work in cooperation with the land managers to try to make ATV, motorcycles, side-by-side and even four wheel driving sustainable. We also educate other riders to respect the land. You know we have to be compatible with those other uses and the natural and cultural resources on the land. Which in most cases we are if the just Tread Lightly!" "Sometimes it can be difficult for the public to know and understand all the regulations that a land management agency may have. Tread Lightly! helps make those messages succinct and deliver them to the public so they can be educated on how they should appropriately use their public lands. I hunt. I ride. I fish. I recreate responsibly. I Tread Lightly!"