Spirit Week Toolkit

Picture that says Spirit Week

It’s time to show some spirit!

We have designed this toolkit to help you set a fun and exciting tone for Spirit Week in your agency/installation/office/unit. Each day of the week features a different theme to incorporate in your promotion and planning, and the Spirit Week Scavenger Hunt is an easy way to share information about the campaign and inspire participation.

Daily Themes CFC Spirit Week Banner Picture

  • Monday, Dec. 2 – Patriotic Day. Wear or decorate your office space in red, white, and blue to honor the tradition of the campaign and why it’s so important!
  • Tuesday, Dec. 3 – Giving Tuesday. Make an online pledge and help make this one of the most successful giving days of the entire campaign.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 4 – Way Back Wednesday. We’re going back to our roots to review the history and impact of the CFC.
  • Thursday, Dec. 5 – International Volunteer Day. Pledge volunteer time to share your skills with a CFC charity.
  • Friday, Dec. 6 – Pep Rally Day! Come together to celebrate the campaign and view the new campaign video.

Promote Spirit Week

For Spirit Week to be a success, promotion is key! Use the following resources to help you spread the word:  

  • Communication Templates (email #1, email #2, memo): Modify and send these to all personnel in your agency/installation/office/unit – or for an extra boost, have your leadership send.
  • Splash screen: If allowed, work with your technology department to have this screen show up on everyone’s computer when they log in each day during Spirit Week. Other ideas for use include putting this on electronic displays in your building, emailing to everyone as an attachment, or printing and posting on bulletin boards or other high traffic areas.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Share the Scavenger Hunt Questions and distribute Spirit Week Certificates. View the correct answers using the Scavenger Hunt Answers.
  • Daily Resources: Share these resources with your co-workers each day. The resources correspond with the daily Scavenger Hunt Questions.
  • Social media: If your agency has a social media account, post this pre-written content along with the image for each day to promote Spirit Week. **Please check the bottom of the page for dated Spirit Week social media images you can use. Add some pep to your campaign!**
    • Note: If your unit/office does not have a social media account, you may also use these images in your CFC update emails. 

Plan Spirit Week Activities and Events

Engagement opportunities can increase pledges, make you (the organizer) look like a rock star to your leadership, and even boost employee morale. Here are a few ways to plan fun engagement activities and events during Spirit Week:

  • Share the daily resources and Scavenger Hunt Questions. At the end of the week, distribute Spirit Week Certificates in the way that works best for your office. You can choose to make it a competition, present certificates to only those with correct answers, give them to all participants, or some other approach.
  • Plan a Friday Pep Rally. Top off the week with an in-person or virtual event to share information about the CFC and celebrate giving. Show the new campaign video and invite charities to join the fun. If planning a virtual event, try to set up a video conference to show the campaign video and some of the videos from the Virtual Charity Fair.