Something to Tell You

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King County Sexual Assault Resource Center
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Something to Tell You Script: 60 Children of various ages tell parents about the importance of having ongoing conversations with their child to build protective factors that prevent and end child sexual abuse. You tell me lots of things. It’s my turn to tell you something. Make talking about feelings part of everyday. Everyday. Talk with me a lot. Talk with me a lot, so when I have something BIG to tell you, I know I can I need to know I can tell you anything, even something scary. And that you’ll believe me What matters is that you’re listening to me Tell me that no one should touch my private body parts Teach me even if you’re nervous or uncomfortable You might not get it right the first time Nope (x3) What matters is that you’re trying Just tell me you believe me. When I tell you, tell me it’s not my fault. Tell me I’m brave and you’re proud of me I need to hear these words over and over. So, just listen …and I may need your help. It’s good to be loud (x2) Speak up Speak out Be loud! (x3) Closing message: It’s never too late. Visit for more information.