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Family and the CFC
I come from Puerto Rico, and I came here looking for a better lifestyle. And my intention was to look for you know, good job opportunities. And I found that it was kind of tricky.

introducing Reinaldo Picón-Colón
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
speaking on behalf of the CFC

My organization helped me out to find an internship: summer internship to work in in a professional environment while I was in college. It earned to, finally, once I got my degree, to get a job. That right now, is helping me and my family to have a better future.

Giving to family
Being a dad – a proud single dad – it’s about giving yourself to your children. To provide and to educate them, to guide them, to support them, to love them. And I found that, it was not about asking for help. It was that … I found the joy of being a father about giving to them. And through the years, that became more and more a part of who I am as a Latino. To give familia; to give to them.

And that joy, is kind of like a part of the spirit of the Combined Federal Campaign. You make a personal story of who I am, and you give that to your children, and that’s the same spirit that I have when I give through CFC. To the charities, that I care for.

I give because I care. I give because I believe. And I can see through my experience that connection is real, and it’s meaningful.

Giving through the CFC
The Combined Federal Campaign is a big family. It’s about helping each other.

Think about it: a Combined Federal Campaign. Many organizations, many good charities, to get to the right people that want to give back. It’s fantastic! You can give through payroll deduction. You can give through credit card. But it’s the convenience that through your payroll, you can give directly to the charity of your choice. It cannot be easier than that.

My name is Reinaldo Picón-Colón, and my cause is summer internships for Latino students. Choose your cause and Show Some Love today.